Construction & Move-In

While the construction is underway...

Your Professional Construction Manager at CMC will be your eyes and ears—and most of all, your advocate and will:

  • Administer the construction process and monitor adherence to quality standards, budgets, schedules, and project objectives
  • Coordinate with the general contractor, subs, and suppliers to help them fully understand the project requirements
  • Inspect the work and regularly meet with the designers and contractors to resolve problems and keep the work progressing
  • Manage change orders, evaluate unforeseen conditions, offer alternatives, and minimize costs and delays
  • Coordinate the design, procurement, and installation of the owner provided furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Update the budget and review progress payments to document performance, satisfy lenders requirements, and minimize risk
  • Coordinate the final stages of construction, including the contractor’s punch list and owner’s move in and start up
  • Work with the owner’s accountants and CPAs to prepare Cost Segregation Studies, applications for rebates, incentives, tax requirements and LEED certifications


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