Design & Bidding

During the design and bidding phase...

Your Professional Construction Manager at CMC will help:

  • The design team meet the project goals and program requirements
  • Develop detailed bid documents which will assure competitive bids and minimize questions and delays
  • Prepare budgets and perform cost analyses and value engineering to maximize the return on the construction investment
  • Coordinate technology systems, furniture, material handling, and equipment needs with construction plans to assure the finished project meets the business needs
  • Develop a detailed design schedule and supervise its implementation
  • Prepare proposal requests and pre-qualify potential bidders
  • Conduct pre-bid conferences to clarify project requirements and answer questions
  • Review bid documents to improve constructability and minimize discrepancies, change orders, and coordination problems.
  • Evaluate bids, make recommendations for awarding contracts, and prepare construction contracts
  • Work with municipalities and governing agencies to obtain variances, approvals, and permits.


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