How a Professional Construction Manager Can Help You

Professional Construction Management (PCM) has evolved as a profession distinct from design and general contracting in order to provide business owners, developers, tenants, and bankers with an experienced professional whose role is to act solely in the interest of and exclusively represent the client. Professional Construction Managers at Construction Management Consultants (CMC) can support owners with a proven strategy to deliver the best possible construction projects. Owners confront complex issues in every facet from planning and design through construction and move in. Handling these issues competently assures a project that is delivered on-time, within-budget, and that meets the project objectives. But it also puts huge demands on the owner’s time and requires skills and expertise that few possess.

Business owners can spend their time during construction building their business or building their building. Owners who employ the services from CMC will spend their time building their business while putting the day to day coordination in the hands of a professional. Owners who bring CMC onto their team will raise their level of sophistication and expertise and will therefore maximize the chances for achieving a smooth and trouble-free construction process. CMC is the owner’s advocate and representative, combining years of technical knowledge and experience with a commitment to achieve the project goals. Not affected by conflicting interests, CMC represents owners through all facets of planning, programming, design, permitting, construction, fixturing and move in.


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